End of Life Doula Services

End of Life Doula Services:

**Caseload for EOL Services is currently full***

I am a Certified End of Life Doula who earned my certification through Lifespan Doulas, and taught by my teacher Patty Brennan out of Ann Arbor, Michigan. As an end-of-life doula my primary contribution is the ability to present a grounding and supportive presence for individuals and their families during a deeply intense, painful and emotional time. This kind of guidance brings comfort and advocacy to the dying, along with knowledge and support that allows families to focus on grieving, take breaks, let go, and spend quality time to love and honor their loved one. As an end-of-life doula I offer assurance, comfort, and companionship when death arrives.

If you have received a late stage diagnosis and are still seeking curative treatments, I will support you in whatever choices you make. My goals are to offer resources so that you can make informed decisions, support you through those choices to alleviate stress and ensure that your life is lived authentically. My goal is to make sure you feel a sense of autonomy over your death, and make sure the loved one's you leave behind are supported as well.

​As an adjunct to hospice care and medical services, I am here to serve as a compassionate presence through grief and end of life transitions. I will provide you with resources and non-medical emotional support throughout your journey.

My doula services can begin at any stage of the end of life process and continues through death and into funeral planning if requested. I can offer more customized services as I get to know an individual and family, and I am flexible in meeting your needs.

You do not have to be actively dying to talk to or work with an End of Life Doula. Sometimes a simple conversation and discussing the fear around death can invite new shifts in how we live our daily lives.

What I can provide in my role as a End of Life Doula:

  • Provide support, education and advocacy for the individual and their family.

  • Assisting to discern and explain various healthcare options.

  • Conversation and planning on end of life goals and intentions.

  • Advanced care planning.

  • Bedside care planning.

  • Creating and/or collaborating with individuals and families to make meaningful ceremonies/rituals.

  • Educating individual and family about the dying process.

  • Educating family on how to care for the dying.

  • Assistance with Life Reviews and Legacy projects (creating photo albums, compiling your recipe books, assistance with writing letters to give to family members after your death, assistance writing your story, etc).

  • Non-pharmaceutical comfort measures such as light hand or foot massage (If in person), guided meditation and assistance with creating music playlists for the dying process.

  • Collaboration with hospice team and other caregivers.

  • Referral resource for additional services.

Please note: Death doulas do not facilitate death, nor do we produce or assist individuals in having a "good death", nor do we try to help people realize they are dying. We do not place judgement or define what a good (or bad) death is. Our primary function is to be in support of, and be alongside with, individuals in their final transition and release from their physical body. End of Life and Death Doula work is SEPERATE from the Mental Health Counseling Services.